Alfred Schorno Managing Partner, 360 Trading Networks
Alfred Schorno Managing Partner, 360 Trading Networks

Regulatory changes, discussions around a Tobin Tax.

Isn’t the biggest global financial market actually in a good shape?

So far the Foreign Exchange market has survived everything. It got through the Lehman crisis and has survived all impacts post Lehman from the Greek financial crises, the European debt crisis and also doubts about the survival of the Euro and despite all this claims for additional regulatory controls and tighter currency regulations are not running dry. It remains a reality that politics could finish off what nothing else could. The majority of FX professionals express concerns about the impact of further market regulation on their businesses. Speaking to a wide range of market participants, we understand that most of them are not in favor of structural market reforms.  As a matter of fact most of the market participants are of the strong opinion that FX markets are well controlled – a reason supported by the fact that the markets performed with just the smallest of interruptions during all the recent turmoil.  Also the revitalized idea by some political leaders about a financial...continued

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