Celebrating success: A record performance from Gold-i

This month, trading systems integrator, Gold-i is celebrating four years of being in business. Tom Higgins, Gold-i’s CEO, outlines how the company has grown from a start-up UK business to a global market leader.

Starting Up

I used to be a Chief Technology Officer in the City and spotted a gap in the market for serious expertise in retail FX trading technology. I set up Gold-i, with the initial focus on developing the super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge to connect MetaTrader, the world’s most popular FX trading platform, to external and internal liquidity providers. The Gold-i Gate Bridge was launched in 2009. It provides the fastest and most reliable integration between retail and institutional financial trading systems on a global basis and automatically covers all retail broker risks with banks in real time.

Evolving the Business

We have a focus on continual innovation and have since introduced our post trade integration product, the Gold-i Gate Link, and over 20 risk management and execution tools (Gold-i Bolt-Ons) to help brokers to manage their risk more effectively and become more profitable. Demand for Gold-i products, backed up by exceptional 24x7 service, has helped our business to go from strength to strength.

By offering market leading products we have attracted a global client base, including some of the largest and most prestigious brokers in Europe, USA, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. We have a a carefully selected network of resellers and wholesalers in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Denmark and Copenhagen – and these partners have all helped to drive our global expansion. 

Inspiration for New Products

We always focus on products which will help brokers to perform better. We often develop new products in response to specific customer requests and add them to our portfolio to sell to others.

Biggest Achievements

Developing the Gold-i Gate Bridge was a major achievement. It outperforms other Bridges on the market, is highly scalable and will work with any asset class in retail and institutional trading, on a global basis. I am also proud of our ‘industry firsts’. With the combination of the Gold-i Gate Bridge and the Gold-i Gate Link, Gold-i is the first company in the world to offer complete liquidity provider and back office integration in real time. This has enabled many regulated companies to enter the FX and CFD market, which would otherwise have been impossible.

We are also the only company to have developed technology to transform MetaTrader into a multi-asset trading platform, enabling FX, futures, equities, CFDs and indices all to be traded using MetaTrader. This has opened up opportunities for brokers across the globe to grow their business amongst existing traders and to attract new clients.

Future Plans

We want to continue to disrupt the market with innovative new products. We also want to strengthen our network of partners in Asia and the Middle East in order to accelerate growth in those regions.

For further information, visit www.gold-i.com