Dan Barnes
Dan Barnes

Evaluating ecosystem strategies for improving FX trading performance

As increased adoption of algorithmic and high-speed trading strategies continue to turbo-charge the FX landscape, Dan Barnes explores how FX trading has become very time and latency sensitive, multiplying the challenge of tracking market activity and the cost of doing business.

The global FX marketplace is huge and highly fragmented and, as Alan Schwartz, President at Transaction Network Services (TNS) Financial Services Division observes, “Trading has become more costly in the sense that there are multiple venues that are regional. If you need to focus on each of those markets, with colocation it is definitely more expensive,”  Over the last few years this fragmentation has significantly increased along with demand for e-FX trading.  Richard Man, head of business development at BT Radianz believes that the growth in electronic trading and the complexity of the trading infrastructure are both likely to continue for the foreseeable future. “I’ve spent six years with BT Radianz in Asia-pacific and in Japan and we have seen a lot of connectivity by large liquidity providers through distribution of their FX platforms or the multibank portals driving business with multiple 3rd tier banks in the region,” he says. “We have seen that and...continued

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