David  Mercer
David Mercer

LMAX Exchange - Inviting brokers to leverage the power of technology

LMAX Exchange provides professional clients with direct access to live streaming institutional prices, delivering pricing transparency, speed, market depth, additional credibility, neutrality and control. Liquidity is provided by the General Members of the Exchange (the top tier banks and market makers). Currently, LMAX Exchange has eight General Members, of which five were added in the last year, with more to be added next month. A new FX trading model  A commission only business model allows LMAX Exchange to run an OPEN order book with no trading desk and no “last look” (unlike some ECNs), allowing them to remain totally neutral, focusing their expertise on refining and improving all aspects of the Exchange’s trading performance. Award winning technology LMAX Exchange simply matches buyers to sellers within an anonymous trading venue, (currently over 20,000 placed orders a second - with each matched order executed in under 3ms). The LMAX Exchange platform won ‘Best...continued

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