UniTrader – built with the Introducing Broker in mind

e-Forex talks with Paul Belogour, CEO of Boston UniSoft Technologies, the home of UniTrader (UT).

Paul, why was UT originally developed and in what ways does it represent a new generation of trading platform? UniTrader was developed with one purpose in mind that is to help market makers to accommodate an ever growing network of Introducing Brokers and White Labels. Traditionally trading platforms are designed to either attract the end user or satisfy the market makers managing their customer base. With more and more business being delivered to market makers by Ibs, UniTrader saw a need for a new generation of trading platforms that would allow for hundreds if not thousands of different payment, products and subIB setting permutations to satisfy both domestic and foreign Ibs.UniTrader did not forget about the end users either, offering them a multilingual trading interface with a unique novelty such as a built-in Internet browser and the most logical products selection menu. In all UniTrader offers a full trading platform package, where market makers get all the needed modules to run business, from the...continued

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