Choosing the right institutional platform for your forex brokerage operations

By Olivier Virzi, Chief Operating Officer of Olfa Trade

What are the key issues brokers need to consider when choosing a suitable trading platform to power their online trading businesses? Brokers need to have a close relationship with the platform provider in order to be able to discuss operational concerns in an open, transparent and constructive way. Not only does the platform provider have to provide the broker with a working support, but a proactive one. This is key for the broker in order to provide his clients with the best service. Another thing is the agility of the provider, its capacity to adapt his services and products to the broker’s habits. Finally the prices need to be streamed as close as possible from the source of the flow.What sort of customisation is commonly undertaken by many FX brokers and needs to be offered as core functionality in a trading platform? Customisations are of various natures, from colours to branding through software or IT specific developments. Most of the time, a product gets better on contact with clients and...continued

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