EBS Direct bringing a new dimension to liquidity-based relationship trading

e-Forex talks to Jeff Ward, Global Head of EBS Direct, the new service from EBS that provides relationship-based disclosed liquidity, in addition to its traditional anonymous spot FX offering.

Jeff, in what ways has EBS Direct contributed towards fulfilling the strategic vision of EBS to provide the FX industry with innovative and value-added liquidity enhancing tools and services across a range of FX products? The FX market is extremely dynamic, so if EBS is to meet current and future customer needs with effective tools and services, we can’t afford to stand still. To achieve this requires continual innovation that adds real value to our customers’ business. Because we consulted and worked with a number of customers throughout the development of EBS Direct, we’re confident that it will meet their requirements. How have you been able to leverage EBS’s unique network and extensive desktop presence around the world in developing and testing EBS Direct and what advantages does having this powerful ongoing support bring to the fully operational service? Over the past 20 years we’ve forged strong relationships with our customers, which we drew on throughout the...continued

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