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Andy Webb

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A growing number of traders are appreciating the advantages of automated trading when it comes to self-discipline. When an automated model is left to run, the trader is no longer subject to the fear and greed pressures of discretionary trading. Yet coding an automated model from scratch is not trivial - a point not lost on FxPro, which has launched FxPro Quant as a drag and drop solution. Andy Webb takes a look.

Even when using a purpose built trading macro language, writing automated trading models is still time consuming. Particularly for traders with little or no programming expertise this can be a hugely frustrating experience. The objective of taking an idea from initial conception to live production quickly becomes bogged down in a series of delays and debugging, so anything that can expedite this process is obviously welcome.  Simplicity  FxPro Quant’s Strategy Builder aims to fill this gap by giving traders with no programming ability the opportunity to produce Expert Advisors (EAs) for the MT4 platform using just a drag and drop interface. Components such as technical indicators, Boolean logic and buy/sell/close orders can simply be selected from a palette and connected as a series of nodes on the development canvas. Clicking on a node automatically displays its associated parameters in a dialog box. For example, Figure 1 shows a simple moving average cross over trading system with the...continued

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