IFS - helping retail brokers to maximise their business potential

IFS is a leading IT services and software development company based in Russia. e-Forex talks to Olga Garaeva their CEO to learn more about how the company’s products and services are assisting retail brokerages to grow their businesses and achieve competitive advantages.

Olga Garaeva How would you describe the approach IFS takes towards doing business and what principles guide the way your firm goes about meeting the various technology needs of retail brokers? IFS’s approach to business is based on creating a stable and long lasting relationship with our customers, or as we prefer to call them, partners.. We sit down with our partners to understand their specific requirements and then customise the product to enable them to quickly and efficiently meet their clients’ needs. Our idea is to create a set of standard products that are customized to the partner’s needs depending on the evolution of the market place and the position of the partner within it.What types of trading firm are customers of IFS? IFS is primarily focused on the retail broker forex market. Our Partners are based in Europe, Asia, Australia and we also provide services to banks and liquidity providers interested in our solutions. We have a wide range of products suitable for both...continued

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