Power Trade Console - your personal Universal Expert Advisor

X-SGS Team have developed the Power Trade Console (PTC), a semi-automated trading tool which is available as an add-on for MT4 (MetaTrader4) platform.

What is semi-automated trading and how have you designed the PTC to facilitate it? Semi-automated Trading is where Automated and Discretional Trading meet. Both Automated and Discretional approaches present positive and negative aspects which Semi-automated can harmonize, taking the best from both for a new and more effective on-line trading experience.  Traders who undertake Discretional Trading use their competences and skills to study the market and decide how to operate to get the maximum profit with the lowest possible risk. We all know that with MT4 it is possible to create pending  orders in Buy/Sell Stop/Limit mode on top of which we can add an expire date, entry levels, stop loss and take profit without the input coming from a user analysis (technical, graphical or algorithmic). Therefore the user must define a lot of activities before closing the operation itself when the target has been achieved. With an enormous amount of daily work required. On the other side, traders operating in...continued

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