Using MetaTrader for Spread Betting

Leading trading systems integrator, Gold-i has seen a big increase in demand from brokers wanting to implement spread betting into MetaTrader, largely due to the taxable benefits to clients and the simple trading methods.

Tom HigginsAccording to Gold-i’s CEO, Tom Higgins, the two key questions that brokers should ask when looking for a technology partner for this are:

1. Can they tailor the solution to your specific needs?

2. Do they offer access to a large number of Liquidity Providers?

Tom Higgins comments, “Gold-i has been such a popular choice amongst these brokers because we offer a bespoke solution, with access to more Liquidity Providers than any other Bridge provider. Brokers connecting to MetaTrader via the Gold-i Gate Bridge currently have access to 37 Liquidity Providers, including banks, ECNs and brokers. The ability to offer spread bets with a large range of Liquidity Providers gives the brokers a great deal of choice, which they welcome.”

Spread betting, which has traditionally been a popular British trading method, is now gaining momentum amongst the overseas trading community. Gold-i is ideally placed to support brokers with their integration requirements, no matter where they are based.

Financial spread betting and CFD firm, ETX Capital partnered with Gold-i to build an alternative trading platform for clients wanting to use MetaTrader. Following the successful implementation of the super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge, ETX Capital added a range of Gold-i Bolt-On products, including the Gold-i MultiMAM, Gold-i Position Keeper and Gold-i RiskDBSnapshot, to give its traders a highly compelling offering and a competitive edge. Rob Woolfe, Head of FX at ETX Capital comments, “We selected a partner for our MT4 project who could offer a variety of solutions to match our development plans.  The Gold-i products are exceptional. The tailor-made products and the customer support we have received have fully justified the faith we put in our decision to partner with Gold-i.”

Global FX trading and spread betting company, GKFX also selected the super-low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge to connect MetaTrader4 to the market’s primary liquidity providers. With the Gold-i Gate Bridge’s ability to transform MetaTrader into a multi-asset trading platform, GKFX uses it to enable clients to trade both FX and metals. Paul Hare, Director of Trading at GKFX commented, “We reviewed the market when looking to replace our previous bridge because it was very unreliable. The Gold-i Gate Bridge outperformed other bridges in terms of speed and functionality. We were also very impressed with how easily it could be customised and tailored to meet our exact requirements.  Since being installed at GKFX, the Gold-i Gate Bridge has proved to be incredibly reliable and robust.”

Gold-i is the global market leader in multi-asset class integration, with a rapidly growing client base which includes many of the most prestigious brokers in Europe, USA, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. Backed up by 24x7 service, Gold-i products are highly scalable and work with any asset class in retail and institutional trading. 


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