360T Market Maker Cockpit: Delivering control

e-Forex talks with Alfred Schorno, Managing Director of 360T Group about the firms latest pricing engine functionality.

Why did 360T initially come up with the idea to design a pricing engine for banks?  Liquidity providers need to be in control of their pricing. They want to be able to define their price based on customer relationships and current risk positions at different market conditions and all this on a currency pair level.  A professional and flexible pricing engine is key to this and allows you to run a profitable dealing business. Therefore, 360T developed the Market Maker Cockpit, an advanced, dynamic solution for liquidity provider to manage and control their individual needs. How is the Market Maker Cockpit delivering a solution? The Market Maker Cockpit (MMC) delivers two critically important aspects of trading: price making and client flow risk management. It includes functionality to define outbound prices based on rates streamed inbound from their liquidity provider(s). Outbound prices can be adjusted to include trader spreads skewing etc.  Before being passed downstream, further...continued

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