Nick Mortimer
Nick Mortimer

CFH Clearing is helping brokers to grow

Whilst the market has been struggling with low volatility, CFH Clearing and its clients have been bucking the trends. Nick Mortimer, head of Prime Brokerage and Clearing at CFH Clearing explains why brokers are benefiting from partnering with the global leader in Prime of Prime solutions.

A cost effective approach

We are seeing a recurring theme – brokers approach us because they are seeking a change. They are looking to improve profitability, efficiency and service levels. CFH Clearing is able to help them to address these areas and, as a result, we have enjoyed significant client growth across the globe, and, in particular, from key retail FX regions such as Cyprus and Turkey.

Brokers are increasingly attracted to the fact that we can help them to lower their fixed costs by offering them a ‘one stop shop’ – a single front-to-back technology solution through our ClearVision product suite which offers them the ability to manage liquidity, risk, collateral and reporting all within one platform. It provides all the solutions they need in one box. 

ClearVision provides any sized broker with everything they need to run and optimize their business, helping them to increase efficiency. Designed as a modular system, brokers can select the whole package or specific tools relevant to their particular needs. We offer flexibility, transparency and reliability, with market leading solutions which are backed up by excellent customer service.

Competitive Liquidity

Whilst some clients come to us for our sophisticated trading technology, others are attracted by our competitively priced liquidity – and we have seen growth from both areas of our business.

Our clients have access to a wide selection of liquidity pools, including bank, non-bank and ECN venues – and we work very hard with our Liquidity Providers to ensure we have a compelling offering for our clients in terms of tight spreads and deep pools of liquidity.

CFH Clearing is helping brokers to grow

A clear growth path

It’s not just new clients who are reaping the benefits of partnering with CFH Clearing but existing clients across the globe are also seeing business growth – partly due to our pricing and also because we are providing all the tools they need to take their business to the next level.

CFH Clearing’s ‘sweet spot’ has always been the start-up or adolescent broker. We’ve seen this type of client grow with us and are seeing higher volumes from them. And as our clients are growing, we are also growing. We’ve changed our sales structure to accelerate our growth, appointing Paul Jackson in a newly created role of Head of Sales. We plan to hire more sales people in the near future, particularly in key regions such as Eastern Europe and Japan, to help even more brokers looking for a change in either their liquidity, their technology or both.

CFH Clearing is an interbank prime of prime solutions provider for small and medium sized institutional clients and is one of the largest interbank STP venues in the market. With over 400 institutional clients in 82 countries, CFH Clearing is authorized and regulated by the FCA. For more information, visit