ParFX Prime

e-Forex talks with Roger Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer at ParFX, about the launch of ParFX Prime.

Roger, why did ParFX decide to launch ParFX Prime and what is the service designed to offer? We have launched ParFX Prime to open up the platform to the buy-side, allowing customers to trade through their prime broker alongside the banks on a post-trade disclosed basis. Fair and open access is central to our ethos, and connecting the buy-side community was always part of the plan – they play a significant role in today’s FX markets as both counterparties and liquidity providers. The prime brokerage model is a key avenue for buy-side participants to exchange FX risk, but the model has, in many ways, been taken advantage of by disruptive traders due to the lack of transparency and anonymity. In response to this growing concern, we support full transparency post-trade by identifying the executing broker, prime bank and prime client on all trade details.  What type of clients are you expecting to use ParFX Prime in order to access the unique price discovery and liquidity of ParFX? Again, in...continued

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