David Vincent
David Vincent

Reduce time-to-market and costs with LiquidityFX

LiquidityFX is an extensive trading solution for FX, Swaps, NDF and Precious Metals and is built on smartTrade Technologies proven liquidity management platform. e-Forex caught up with David Vincent, CEO and co-founder of smartTrade to ask him why the product is being so successful

David, why has LiquidityFX been so successful over the past two years and where are you seeing growing demand for it amongst FX market participants? The industry is very clear about its needs: reduce costs to a minimum, accelerate time-to-market and be more innovative. The success of LiquidityFX demonstrates our ability to answer all those needs at the same time. When LiquidityFX was launched, the so-called “free” solutions showed their true colour as the increase of volumes rocketed costs sometimes to the extent that the company could no longer afford the solution. LiquidityFX isn’t charged on a volume-based fee, it does not charge liquidity providers either, and therefore, it can be up to 10 times cheaper compared to some of our competitors. Additionally, it is modular so that our clients only pay for what they need. Some of our clients have expressed significant year-on-year cost reductions since using LiquidityFX. Recently, a tier 1 bank commented “we save million+ a year by...continued

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