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High service levels have always been a priority for Gold-i, a world leader in trading systems integration. The company has recently strengthened its support team with a number of new appointments to ensure its increasing number of clients have access to MT4 technology specialists at all times. Ian Bunn has joined Gold-i as Head of Support, with 25 years’ experience in support roles and a strong track record in servicing clients in Europe and Asia. As a further investment, Gold-i is opening an office in China in November 2015 and will be providing local language support to clients operating in the Asia-Pacific time zone. To coincide with this increased focus on service and support, we asked Tom Higgins, Gold-i’s CEO to highlight the options available to brokers who need external support in order to run MetaTrader effectively.

Ask Tom

I don’t have the resources to employ an IT Manager in-house to manage our MetaTrader environment. What are the options if I outsource this?

We meet many brokers who are in a similar position – from start-up brokers who don’t have any in-house IT resource to established brokers whose in-house IT team are unable to provide out of hours cover or lack in-depth MT4 knowledge and need some additional support. As a result, we offer a variety of options to suit different requirements – from our bronze service level for smaller brokers through to our platinum offering which provides larger organisations with an unlimited managed service and dedicated out of hours support.

The majority of our clients, however, have opted for our gold level service in which we set up their MT4 servers, provide regular health checks and consultancy. For example, itexsys, which provides Grey and White Label MT4 solutions to its global client base, has recently upgraded to this level of support. They have found that the training we have provided combined with the proactive monitoring of their systems, 24/7 cover and ongoing consultancy has helped them to operate efficiently and minimise downtime, enabling them to focus on growing their client base.  MetaTrader is extremely complex and, for maximum efficiency, needs to be supported by an expert.

What are the advantages of outsourcing your MT4 server hosting and management? 

It’s critical to your business that your server is up and running at all times. Most brokers use a professional hosting service as it’s the most effective way of ensuring their server is secure, reliable and supported by an MT4 expert 24x7. It’s also more cost effective as the technology and staff costs involved in self-hosting and self-management can be prohibitively expensive. Analysis from one of our London-based clients revealed that, by outsourcing their hosting and server management to Gold-i, they have saved in excess of £100,000 per year. They’ve also been able to resolve server issues far quicker than ever before. 

Gold-i has partnered with some of the industry’s leading hardware specialists to offer a premier hosting and connectivity service. This means that our clients have a single point of contact for all their software and hardware requirements – from set up through to day to day management.  Working in partnership with Gold-i, a broker’s software and hardware can be supported 24 hours a day. Our hosted servers are based in LD4, LD5 and NY4 (and can be in other data centres on request). These are the same data centres used by the majority of banks, enabling our clients to benefit from ultra-low latency as the feed is direct from the respective back. This is vital for financial institutions wanting to maximise the number of trades processed per second and eliminate milliseconds of latency.

What are the key things a broker should be aware of when selecting an outsourced technology partner to manage MetaTrader?

Check their track record and industry expertise, their products, approach to client service, out of hours cover and scalability. Select an organisation which invests in its technology and has a low staff retention rate – a company which can provide the products and services you need as your business evolves. Above all, make sure you select a provider who can fully understand your business and wants to act in partnership with you to help your business to thrive. We’ve found that clients using our technology and managed services who treat us as a partner rather than a supplier have reaped the benefits of having outsourced expertise. In our experience, the most successful brokers are the ones who take this approach and Gold-i takes great pride in helping brokers to flourish.

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