Boosting your business with the next wave of retail FX brokerage technology

In a business where your customers are multitudinous, fast moving, often inexperienced, and therefore sometimes quick to fail, standing out as a retail FX brokerage can be difficult. Heather McLean explores in what ways investing in their technology infrastructures can help retail FX brokers to more quickly achieve their business objectives including becoming the gateways of choice to world markets for their clients.

In what’s becoming an increasingly commoditised marketspace it can sometimes be hard to differentiate amongst brokerages who are catering to a wide audience of different retail traders and investors. Yet there are several ways that retail FX brokers in particular, can achieve this through clever use of technology, a knack for spotting the opportunities in multi asset class trading platforms, and making the most of new tools designed to improve platforms and customer performance and satisfaction.Multi-asset class opportunities On the opportunities presented by a new generation of multi asset class trading platforms, Andrew Ralich, CEO at oneZero Financial, comments: “Traditionally, FX brokers have very few means of setting themselves apart from other firms, aside from spreads. The opportunity to offer expanded multi-asset class trading environments for clients gives brokers a new means of differentiating their offering, and attracting new business.” While Tom Higgins, CEO at Gold-i, says:...continued

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