JFD Group – a company on the fast track to record growth

e-Forex asks Cyril Tabet, Partner & CEO at JFD Group, to outline some of the latest news from his company with a focus on JFD Prime.

Cyril, since the inception of JFD in December 2011, what has been deployed and successfully achieved by your firm?  After 18 months of intensive R&D, in December 2011 we launched a unique best-of-breed electronic trading and asset management solution suite, successfully deploying a comprehensive upgrade of the MetaTrader platform - JFD’s exclusive multi-asset class MT4+. We coupled this by providing cutting-edge Quants & HFT-based strategies such as JFD’s exclusive Top Spin offered via managed mandates, exchange-listed bank certificates and alternative investment funds. We then validated our disruptive / 100% client-centric business model, secured our operational infrastructures and geared up to deploy our main divisions, JFD Brokers, JFD Prime, JFD Wealth, JFD Research and JFD Partners. Since then we have kept generating outstanding growth so that by 2015, as the industry kept adopting and praising our solutions, we made an appearance in Finance Magnates’ Quarterly Industry...continued

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