Jalal Faour PLUGIT CEO and Founder
Jalal Faour PLUGIT CEO and Founder

The Ingenuity of Unity: Why Plugit's new YOONIT platform is set to transform the FX sector

The online trading industry has come a long way over the past 25 years, but retail brokers of different sizes have long faced major operational challenges, a typical one has been the sheer volume of work involved in running a successful retail trading site. While many of the key tools are widely available off-the-shelf, the lack of a truly unified solution meant that without significant capital, staffing expenses alone made operating a brokerage a cost-prohibitive proposition.

Now PLUGIT has launched YOONIT, an all-inclusive cloud-based modular trading support platform providing a unique, comprehensive tool kit that enables any online broker to rise to the challenge. It supports full automation with real-time synchronization via a centralized, multilingual dashboard. Designed to be intuitive enough for compact teams of non-specialist staff to operate, YOONIT represents the next stage of the industry’s evolution.  A rapidly growing number of leading forex brokers are now taking advantage of the new offering. YOONIT is designed to adapt to the evolving requirements of brokers in the dynamic and fiercely competitive online trading space, and companies around the world are discovering how a centralized solution creates economies of scale, streamlines daily operations and optimizes processes, while offering full visibility and scalability. Over the past few months, YOONIT has had a big impact on the industry. It offers full compatibility with MT4 and MT5, as well as...continued

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