By Lea Wang,  Executive Vice President of PLUGIT.
By Lea Wang, Executive Vice President of PLUGIT.

How the right Client Portal can impact your brokerage

There are thousands of investment firms registered globally, and more are popping up every day. With such a massive pool of brokers to choose from, your prospects are looking for the “best”.

There are thousands of investment firms registered globally, and more are popping up every day. With such a massive pool of brokers to choose from, your prospects are looking for the “best”. Though that means different things to different people, what is universal is their user experience. In an industry this saturated, you can’t afford to fall behind because of inefficient, cluttered, or outdated technology.

Behind only your onboarding process, your client area is your biggest opportunity to capture and convert your leads. It doesn’t matter if they’re novice or pro traders, they want and expect an interface that is intuitive and simple to use. The right portal also directly impacts your business’ efficiency and your team’s workflow.

Solving the challenges that brokers face is exactly how YOONIT came to be. Here are just some of the reasons YOONIT’s clients have put their trust in this platform, and what you too can expect.

Get what you need, when you need it

YOONIT is a modular business management and trading support system, which means you can pick the modules that best fit your business’ needs at present and scale up when the time comes. Right now, you can pick from six, starting from the flagship MAM/PAMM with Copy trading functionality to the Dynamic Margin module, Bonus Automation, IB/Affiliate, On-Boarding, and Traders & Operations modules. Being able to build your own YOONIT with the modules you need gives you the flexibility to have your technology grow with you, rather than outgrow it, and avoid paying for bolt-ons you simply do not need. 


Each module has its own necessary functionality, helping your team work more efficiently, reducing any margin for error, and providing you all of the information you need, as and when you need it. When you start to combine these, you create a single workspace that will make your client’s journey smoother, streamline your own processes, and save you money and effort. To top it off, YOONIT is integrated with both MT4 and MT5 and can be connected to multiple servers or WLs acting as a single interface for all.

The MAM/PAMM module supports multiple allocation types, offers copy trading (Auto-Copy) and profit share functionality for Signals and provides advance reporting and trade analysis, making it the ideal solution for both professional traders and Money Managers. The latter can now set a different allocation mode for each individual investor.

Dynamic Margin module helps minimize the risk for brokers who need tiered margins to meet the needs of different clients. Keep margin gaps between the broker and liquidity providers to a minimum and protect yourself from unexpected volumes at no extra cost. Set your exposure limits and manage both the leverage and margin in your hedged positions. Assign rules either in bulk or by instrument, account, group, or even a mix, all the while reducing manual work, freeing up your team’s time, and minimizing human error.

The Bonus Automation module was created to help you acquire and convert more leads, while simultaneously protecting you from bonus abuse. Set up customized campaigns that can run parallel to each other, rewarding your traders based on the predetermined criteria, e.g. deposit amount. You can also set different configurations for when the bonus expires/is retracted and customize these according to the eligible group(s) of clients.

The IB/Affiliate module helps you cater to your global partners’ needs, with real-time reporting, automated payouts, auto-link functionality and other tools to optimize your partner acquisition efforts. The module supports unlimited multi-tiered commission schemes for sub-IBs, and can be integrated with your CRM and other third-party apps. Give your IBs and Affiliates the resources and marketing materials they need to get you more business.

The On-Boarding module is going to play a key role in streamlining your internal processes, particularly on the compliance side of your business. Manage and verify client documents to ensure you remain fully compliant and on top of your regulatory obligations. Get notifications for when client documents are set to expire and customize sign-up forms and KYC templates for every level of retail trader, partner, or money manager. Integrate with third-party compliance software and lower your risk by reducing human intervention and error.

Finally, the Traders & Operations module is a Trader’s Room and Back Office environment that helps you manage your user accounts. Already integrated with 25+ PSPs that facilitate instant deposits, this module will also give you full control over withdrawals, transfers, and any account modifications. 


We won’t let you down

With 99.99% uptime and a robust failover plan in place, YOONIT prides itself on being dependable, adaptable, and seamless. We know that having technology you can rely on is integral to your business, and we’re determined to uphold these values.

The brokers that have integrated YOONIT in their business saw immediate results, with improved productivity and cost-efficiency, transforming the way they work forever. We have built an all-inclusive platform without being a one-size-fits-all, because at PLUGIT we recognize your individual needs and can create a product that does just what you want it to.

Up your game and let’s create your YOONIT today.