Jon Jacobs
Jon Jacobs

A currency for keeping score

Neverdie has just (end-August) completed the ICO for the Teleport Token, a cryptocurrency for use across virtual reality. Users will be able to earn, win or mine Teleport Tokens or purchase them from other players and use the coins to pay for content or travel throughout multiple worlds. The ICO raised the real-world sum of $6 million (in a dual Neverdie/Teleport ICO). William Essex spoke to Jon Jacobs, CEO, Neverdie, about the real-world significance of a virtual cryptocurrency.

William Essex: You talk about a payment system for use in the widest array of both virtual and augmented reality applications. Given that augmented reality is real reality, but with an overlay, are you talking about a system that might one day be used in the real world?   Jon Jacobs: I believe that there will be instant exchange and payment mechanisms worldwide for all digital currencies in just a few years. WE: You’re introducing a common currency and exchange infrastructure across multiple jurisdictions – I mean, games. Any tips for anybody trying to do that in the real world? What have you learned and what has surprised you?   JJ: Great question. We are balancing it in such a way as to place a universal value on time and labour in all virtual jurisdictions. Time and labour are then tied to the pace in which skills are developed, which will create a universal currency in skills. WE: I see the fun case for buying Teleport Tokens. What’s the investment case? Are these...continued

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