FXecosystem strengthens service offerings

e-Forex spoke to James Banister, CEO, FXecosystem a leading provider of institutional and retail FX outsourced connectivity services about business expansion, VPS and network monitoring.

What are the advantages of the recently launched FX-VPS - cloud-based Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for financial markets? 

FX-VPS enables clients to quickly set up virtual servers in London, New York and Hong Kong to benefit from ultra-low latency connectivity in foreign exchange markets. Aimed primarily at start-up/early stage MT4/MT5 brokers worldwide and accessed via FXecosystem’s website home page, brokers simply select from options in a drop-down menu - including server specs, operating systems and locations. Brokers using FX-VPS can access FXecosystem’s Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR)™ and select from a wide choice of liquidity. 

Network monitoring and performance is always on the agenda. How can FXecosystem help network/trading system support teams to speed up the process of establishing the root cause of any network and trading issues?  

FXeco-eye is a real-time network and flow operational monitoring and data visualisation tool, which provides clients with a unique, graphical overview of their flows. 

Users can examine the network fabric/traffic and business flows in time-series windows, receive automated alerts when SLA thresholds are breached, benefit from timed reports and use visual aids on screen to pinpoint potential issues.

Users can also benefit from the forensic post-event analytics, which can rapidly detect the risks in the environment, helping with future planning. It also facilitates capacity planning, as users can track utilisation to prevent service interruptions on the network and application. It’s one of the leading products on the market. 

How is FXecosystem’s Asian expansion progressing? 

Singapore is proving to be a great location for our regional HQ. We have POPs in Equinix’s SG1 and HK1 to allow us to service our existing clients in S.E. Asia. This, together with our NOC and engineering facility in Asia, further strengthens our service offering in the region and underpins growth plans for 2018. With our enhanced infrastructure, we can help institutional and retail FX clients in Europe and America to expand into Asia. We are also seeing interest from Asian banks and brokers who need enhanced connectivity between these three continents.