By Youssef Barakat CEO of ProbusFX
By Youssef Barakat CEO of ProbusFX

AutoTrade – taking the path towards automated trade mirroring

To enrich their products and services in ways that are helpful and useful to both their retail and institutional clients, ProbusFX has recently partnered with Myfxbook to provide access via account linkage to the AutoTrade Trade Mirroring tool. Through this partnership, ProbusFX provides access to Next Generation Trade Mirroring for any client interested in having the smoothest and most optimized Social Trading experience. For the following interview, we got in touch with Youssef Barakat, CEO of ProbusFX, to ask him a few questions about their partnership with AutoTrade and about how ProbusFX clients can start using the Social Trading tool.

Trade Mirroring, otherwise known as Social Trading, is when traders copy the signal, or successful system, of a different trader. In what ways is AutoTrade different from this and how does it work?  AutoTrade is the name of Myfxbook’s Trade Mirroring service. As such, AutoTrade is a tool for Trade Mirroring, or Social Trading and so there are no differences. It works by linking a Live-ProbusFX account to AutoTrade, upon the request of the client. What types of traders are likely to be particularly interested in AutoTrade and what platforms is it available on? AutoTrade is best suited to traders who want to have their system or systems trade exactly like the successful system of another trader or portfolio manager. It can range from traders of any level of experience to investors who don’t want to actively trade the markets, but want to have their trading work on its own. Additionally, it could work for traders who want to automate their trading, either completely or in part. For...continued

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