Julian Elliott
Julian Elliott

Gold-i: Helping Brokers Worldwide to Thrive

Gold-i, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in October 2018, is renowned worldwide as one of the industry’s leading technology companies. As the company has evolved, Julian Elliott, one of its first employees, has been promoted through the ranks to Chief Commercial Officer. Julian talks to e-Forex about the firm’s current focus and future plans.

How has your role changed since becoming Chief Commercial Officer?

In my new role, I have more responsibility for sales and marketing. Day to day, I have a lot of discussions with our sales team about maximising sales leads and developing strategic sales opportunities. I also liaise closely with our marketing team to ensure sales and marketing are aligned and working optimally.  We have grown both teams recently. Amongst our new employees, we have brought in a Partners Manager to help us grow in the institutional space and have employed our first in-house marketing specialist. I work closely with both to ensure we are supporting our partners effectively and communicating key messages about Gold-i’s offering to a global audience. I also work closely with Tom Higgins, Gold-i’s CEO, to ensure we are delivering against his vision and are pushing boundaries with our technology.

What is your key priority at Gold-i at the moment?

Our main focus is to increase our market share of MT4 brokers, maximise MT5 opportunities and explore new markets such as cryptocurrencies and other asset classes. We have invested significantly in product development over the last ten years and have a broad range of market-leading products to help brokers make more money, manage their risk more effectively and differentiate from their competitors. In particular, our focus has been on multi-asset liquidity management, with our innovative Matrix suite of products; and risk management, with our powerful Visual Edge software.

How has the industry reacted to the launch of Matrix Net?

Matrix Net enables Prime of Prime brokers and Liquidity Providers to distribute multi-asset liquidity to brokers who use Gold-i’s Matrix, MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway products. It leverages Gold-i’s large, global client network, providing discounted costs for liquidity distribution.

Since our launch in Q2, we have had significant interest in Matrix Net. We have been steadily adding high calibre FX, CFD and cryptocurrency Liquidity Providers, including IS Prime and Stater Global Markets, who wish to make their liquidity available to hundreds of brokers within our network who they may otherwise not be able to reach.

The Gold-i Crypto Switch launched about a year ago. How key is this product to Gold-i’s overall strategy?

Cryptocurrencies are here for the long-term, so strategically we see an opportunity to be involved in a new, emerging market. Initially we had tremendous demand for our Crypto Switch as it is a very innovative product, providing clients with easy access to the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and LPs. The downward price trend in Bitcoin has seen broker appetite tail off, as well as the introduction of more stringent regulatory requirements.  However, we have been busy enhancing the Crypto Switch and believe our updated product – soon to be announced – will significantly change cryptocurrency market opportunities, particularly for MT4/MT5 retail brokers. 

What are the key tools in Gold-i’s portfolio to help brokers with their increasing regulatory burdens?

Regulatory changes brought in by MiFID II and ESMA have been a huge burden for our clients and prospects. It has been their key focus over the past year and is likely to continue to be their priority in the near future. Gold-i has a range of products which can help brokers to meet their regulatory requirements including Matrix Insight, Risk DB and Visual Edge.

Matrix Insight is an invaluable tool that helps our clients with their Best Execution monitoring and reporting. It provides data analytics to brokers who are aggregating their flow across multiple LPs.  

The Gold-i Risk DB application is an ideal product for brokers needing to get rich, real-time data out of their MetaTrader servers to feed their risk systems; and Visual Edge, our multi-asset risk management and business intelligence software provides dealers and risk managers with customisable dashboards, providing high level summary views and detailed drill down data about their trading operations. It can be used across multiple trading platforms and enables them to manage risk exposure, protect against toxic clients and view key trading metrics such as intra-day P&L and volumes. 

Gold-i has broadened its focus from being a MetaTrader integrator to having products which can be used across a wide range of platforms. How has this impacted your client base? 

MetaTrader is still the product of choice in the industry and key to our future growth plans. However we have to anticipate any future market trends, which is why Matrix is based on FIX Messaging Protocol. This not only enables us to work in other markets and countries which were previously inaccessible, such as Japan, but also other markets outside the FX industry.

For further information or to request product demos, please visit www.gold-i.com