Tom Higgins Gold-i Founder & CEO
Tom Higgins Gold-i Founder & CEO

Demand for the Gold-i’s Bridge and MAM continues to rise

Multi award-winning FinTech firm Gold-i has broadened its portfolio in recent years, with a significant focus on multi-asset liquidity management through its advanced liquidity management platform, Matrix. Whilst demand for its Matrix suite of products continues to grow amongst brokers worldwide, Gold-i’s Bridge and MAM – two of the original products in Gold-i’s portfolio – are still an intrinsic part of Gold-i’s business. e-Forex spoke to Gold-i’s CEO, Tom Higgins about the UK-headquartered firm’s range of products, in particular the Gold-i MT4 Bridge and Gold-i MAM Pro.

Gold-i has invested significantly in product development over the last ten years.  How has your product portfolio evolved?

The Gold-i MT4 Bridge, which we launched just over 10 years ago, was the first product in our portfolio. It was – and still is - the fastest and most reliable integration between retail and institutional financial trading systems. As the market evolved, we developed complementary products for MT4 brokers including our MAM Pro, Risk DB and IB Profit Share and we subsequently developed products for MT5 such as our MT5 Gateway and MAM Pro for MT5. 

As a result of the success of our core products, we were able to re-invest profits back into the business and, in line with broker requirements and an evolving market, we developed new products – Matrix and Visual Edge – to focus on multi-asset liquidity management, advanced risk management and business intelligence. Our strategy has remained consistent from the outset – to create market-leading products which help brokers to make more money and manage their risk more effectively.

Are you still seeing demand for the Gold-i MT4 Bridge?

The transition to MT5 has been slower than anticipated and this has created an ongoing market opportunity for us with our MT4 Bridge. We continually invest in our bridge and it has a number of key features which sets it apart from other bridges on the market. A significant advantage is that it is set up directly on the client’s MetaTrader server and therefore is not vulnerable to a DDOS attack.

Our MT4 Bridge can transform MT4 into a multi-asset trading platform. It enables brokers to easily manage their A-Book flow in MT4 with ‘cover’ trades and also has sophisticated B-Book logic. It has built-in throttling, which is ideal for use with aggregated price feeds and it enables full routing of all order types direct to Liquidity Providers.

For brokers with an MT5 licence, our MT5 Gateway has all the same features as our MT4 Bridge. In addition, it supports Depth of Market and is fully compatible with MT5’s netting and hedging modes.
The Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4 and MT5 is widely recognised as the most advanced MAM on the market. Please tell us more about it.

Our MAM Pro is not only the most sophisticated post-trade allocation tool on the market but is also the most cost-effective. It is one of our best selling products as it enables brokers to attract a diverse range of clients by offering a variety of allocation methods. It also offers more flexibility to Money Managers and IBs by allowing different exclusion rules. 

Our MAM provides brokers who work with IBs with an easy way to manage multiple sub-accounts from a single master account. With the High Water Mark plugin, they can pay an account a defined percentage of another account’s net profit as a rebate, based on their performance. 

Overall, we are helping Money Managers to understand their positions and manage their risk effectively through a simple, clear, White Label user interface in English and Chinese. We have invested significant time in optimising the user experience and adapting the software for different market needs.

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