Examining remote working risks in FICC markets

The FICC Markets Standards Board Limited (FMSB) recently published a Spotlight Review focusing on the risks associated with remote working in FICC markets. We republish this.

The FICC Markets Standards Board Limited (FMSB) is a private sector, market-led organisation created as a result of the recommendations in the Fair and Effective Markets Review (FEMR) Final Report in 2015. One of the central recommendations of FEMR was that participants in the wholesale fixed income, currencies and commodities (FICC) markets should take more responsibility for raising standards of behaviour and improving the quality, clarity and market-wide understanding of FICC trading practices. Producing guidelines, practical case studies and other materials that promote the delivery of transparent, fair and effective trading practices will help increase trust in wholesale FICC markets. Spotlight Reviews encompass a broad range of publications used by FMSB to illuminate important emerging issues in FICC markets. Drawing on the insight of members and industry experts, they provide a way for FMSB to surface challenges market participants face and may inform topics for future work. The organisation...continued

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