Don Guo

Broctagon forms alliance with Tools for Brokers

March 2024 in News Headlines

Broctagon has announced its latest strategic alliance with Tools for Brokers (TFB), a partnership which marks a significant step forward in enhancing Broctagon’s client experience by facilitating seamless access to liquidity through TFB’s cutting-edge Trade Processor liquidity bridge.

By integrating Trade Processor into its ecosystem, Broctagon strives to simplify the process of accessing liquidity for all its valued clients. This integration not only simplifies the steps involved but also broadens the scope of aggregated liquidity available to Broctagon’s clientele. Consequently, clients can mitigate risks and secure optimal pricing, even amidst atypical market conditions or slowdowns.

Commenting on the partnership, Don Guo, the CEO at Broctagon, said: “Our collaboration with Tools for Brokers not only improves our routing and delivery of over 1800 financial instruments but also resonates with our core objective of providing innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ evolving needs. This partnership solidifies both firms’ dedication to driving client success.”