Capitolis to connect to LCH ForexClear’s FX Smart Clearing solution

July 2023 in News Headlines

Capitolis has announced it is connecting to LCH’s FX Smart Clearing solution. This will add another layer of optimization benefits to help banks overcome the challenge of increased costs resulting from the introduction of the Standardized Approach to Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR) and other risk measures in the FX industry, particularly relating to FX forwards, FX swaps and cross-currency swaps. In a proof-of-concept with nine global banks, Capitolis demonstrated the benefits in capital and funding that FX Smart Clearing would provide to the company’s existing SA-CCR optimization service. It reached a network yield of 42% of total funding costs including the funding of capital. “Combining FX Smart Clearing with our post-trade optimization technology is the ideal approach to managing capital for our customers,” said Gil Mandelzis, CEO & Founder, Capitolis. “The relationship with LCH ForexClear, coupled with our network of participating global banks, is a sophisticated and advanced model for the industry, bringing multi-lateral optimization to the next level by including a clearing node.”