What can the payments industry do about FX settlement risk?

How SWIFT gpi allows FX players to monitor and manage settlement transactions At the end of 2020 we commissioned an e-Forex magazine supplement on FX settlement risk. Our objective was to bring together some of the leading industry experts to dissect the problem, examine what solutions exist today and see what could be done in […]

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Open banking – Why it is set to transform FX

Why is Open Banking becoming so popular around the world and what key advantages does it have? The Open Banking idea presents advantages for 3 key stakeholders within the financial ecosystem: Customers – more choices and better banking experience. According to the Millennial Disruption Index, 71 per cent of young people would rather go to the […]

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How SWIFT can help to manage FX settlement risk

With over $18 trillion settled globally each day, it has never been more important for our community to find innovative ways to reduce settlement risk. There’s no doubt that the growing amount of FX settlement risk represents a complex and significant challenge for the entire financial industry. With over $18 trillion settled every day1 from a […]

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