Brandon Mulvihill

Crossover Markets integrates with Talos

May 2024 in News Headlines

Crossover Markets has announced that its CROSSx institutional crypto trading venue has been integrated with the Talos trading platform, joining Talos’s existing provider network. CROSSx is the first ECN to integrate with Talos. As a result of this integration, Talos users will have access to CROSSx’s tailored liquidity, high-speed trade execution and tight spreads.

“Talos delivers transparency in post-trade analytics to institutional clients that are experiencing a material change in market structure,” said Brandon Mulvihill, Co-Founder and CEO of Crossover Markets. “Clients demand lower costs of trading, in terms of both spreads and market impact, which is a data point being discussed more frequently in digital. CROSSx’s speed of execution and configurable liquidity, coupled with no quote restrictions on makers, are designed to give clients the best trading experience: together, these features help to compress spreads and lower market impact. We believe that combining Talos’s robust analytics with CROSSx’s ability to deliver performance at scale is a powerful partnership that institutional clients will enjoy.”