Juan Colón

Darwinex – Energised Evolution

November 2021 in Podcasts

FastTracking Fit Traders into Fund Managers
A podcast interview with Juan Colón, Darwinex co-founder

Darwinex is a FinTech, Broker and Asset Manager, empowering traders and investors with cost-effective market connectivity and asset management technology.

The trodden path from established investor and trader to “fund manager” is strewn with failure. The battle to attain critical mass, regulation, high startup costs, marketing and a long path building a track record means the casualty rate is high, even among capable managers.

Darwinex answers this call. In this podcast Larry Levy interviews Darwinex’s Juan Colón about his vision of helping capable traders cross the lexicon to managing other people’s money by taking care of many of the pitfalls involved. Making it easier!

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