Manu Choudhary

DMALINK ® adds Danske Bank

August 2023 in News Headlines

Danske Bank A/S, has added DMALINK as a platform to provide custom Scandinavian eFX pricing to its buy-side clients. The inclusion of Danske Bank in the DMALINK ecosystem creates an opportunity for its buy-side clients to access top-tier specialized liquidity across Scandinavian currencies. Michael Siwek, Founding Partner and Global Head of Sales at DMALINK, said: “Scandinavian currencies such as DKK, NOK, and SEK are important to our clients’ portfolio. Users can access Danske Bank´s tailored pricing across pre-set liquidity pools, underpinned by advanced analytics.”

Thomas Djernis, Director eFX, Danske Bank, commented: “Danske Bank is looking forward to pricing select clients on the DMALINK platform. Our dominant presence in Denmark and Scandinavia positions us well to DMALINK, which is primarily focused within the regional markets.”

Manu Choudhary, CEO at DMALINK, adds: “We are thrilled to welcome Danske Bank to the platform. The move is motivated by buy-side demand, meeting our goal of streaming regional eFX prices to existing and future partners.”

“The expansion of Scandi liquidity access for the benefit of our clients is on target with our 2022 growth map to offer AI-based liquidity management tools and risk management algos.”, concluded Ashwind Soonarane, CTO at the data-centric ECN.