Roque Castro

Elysium Technology partners with Edgewater Markets

March 2024 in News Headlines

Elysium LD Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Laser Digital, has announced a strategic partnership with Edgewater Markets Limited, a leading provider of electronic foreign exchange (FX) and precious metals liquidity and distribution solutions. Edgewater Markets  has solidified its commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and client-centric solutions by integrating Elysium’s cutting-edge RiskDB and Mission Control solution into its middle and back-office infrastructure. The integration of Elysium’s “Prime Broker in a Box” solution empowers Edgewater Markets with robust capabilities, including core books and records management, margin management, client reporting, and straight-through processing (STP) to prime brokers, clients, and liquidity providers. This comprehensive suite of solutions ensures streamlined operations, enhanced risk management, and seamless connectivity across the trading ecosystem. 

“Edgewater’s commitment to innovation and excellence closely aligns with Elysium’s vision,” said Roque Castro, CCO of Elysium. “We’re thrilled to embark on this journey together, leveraging our expertise to revolutionize middle and back-office infrastructure for Edgewater’s UK business expansion. This partnership represents a significant step forward in delivering unparalleled value to the FX market.”