FMLS:23 Agenda: First Look What Awaits You?

September 2023 in Partner Content

The Finance Magnates London Summit 2023 (FMLS:23) is set to revolutionize the financial industry as it returns for its eleventh year, taking place from November 20 to 22 at Old Billingsgate, London.

This premier event, renowned for its groundbreaking insights and networking opportunities, will unite under one roof professionals from the online trading, fintech, crypto, digital assets, and payments space.

The FMLS:23 agenda spans 2.5 days and offers a wealth of sessions, workshops, panels, and discussions covering every facet of the financial services industry. From fintech breakthroughs to blockchain advancements, trading strategies to regulatory updates, the agenda reflects the dynamic nature of finance today. Sessions will be headlined by industry leaders, innovators, C-list executives, and more.

FMLS:23 Agenda Highlights

FMLS:23 features two full days of content, with workshops, panels, seminars, and much more taking place across three stages: Centre Stage, Innovate Stage, and Inspire Stage. This includes the following session highlights which will be featured during the event:

Leaders in the Spotlight: The Future of Online Trading Be part of the conversation shaping the next phase of online trading excellence. Dive into the transformative power of evolving technologies, data- driven decision-making, and sustainable strategies within a dynamic regulatory environment. unveil the trends and growth opportunities of online trading today and tomorrow.

Topic in Focus: Liquidity for Retail Trading Providers Our expert panel breaks down the ins and outs of the current liquidity landscape. How can brokers tap into deeper liquidity pools for a seamless offering? What cutting-edge tools and methodologies are revolutionising liquidity operations? Has the PoP space become too crowded with the entrance of brokers to the B2B arena, and do banks still shy away from retail books?

Tech-Driven Success: Mastering Brokerage Performance Curious about how to enhance your brokerage performance using the latest fintech innovations? Explore how AI, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies can reshape your trading strategies and empower you to outperform the market. What practical insights can you gain from industry experts to navigate the dynamic landscape of online trading?

What’s Next for Fintech? A decade since fintech started taking off, advocates and market shakers have taken stock of what has been achieved and what is yet to come. Whether you are an industry professional, investor, or simply curious about the future of finance, we invite you to explore the unfolding narrative of innovation and transformation in the fintech space. So, what’s next?

Banking Reimagined: Disrupting the Future of Finance Buckle up for a turbulent journey through the disruptive banking revolution. Delve into the strategies and technologies driving this revolution. What are the latest trends that shake the industry? And how are banking pioneers manoeuvring through the regulatory landscape to craft breakthrough solutions?

Demystifying Algo Trading Algo Trading – an electrifying practice that is rewriting the rules of trading or a myth to be debunked? Step into the world of high-stakes finance, where numbers dance and fortunes hang in the balance. Just as “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt” pulled back the curtain on the hidden intricacies of the financial world, we’re about to take a tantalising journey into the heart of trading’s modern enigma: Algorithmic Trading.

Optimised Cybersecurity Planning and Budget Formulation Join our session to obtain valuable insights from financial and cybersecurity thought leaders who will take part in our panel. Discover how to craft a proactive and cost-effective cybersecurity strategy. Learn methods for harmonising your organisation’s security requirements with a meticulously planned budget, guaranteeing effective resource allocation.

Digital Wallets: Here to Stay or a Trend to Fade? The evolution of digital wallets, from a tech enthusiast’s niche to a global necessity, reflects a shift driven by accessibility and convenience. Their rise from unbanked populations’ access tool to a mainstream payment method has seen exponential growth, outpacing credit cards. QR codes, loyalty points, and competitive interest rates heightened appeal, with projections suggesting a $12 trillion annual transaction volume by 2028.

Broker Marketing Excellence: Trends, Compliance, & More Join our expert panel on an epic quest for brokers’ success while manoeuvring the fine lines of regulations surrounding marketing strategies. Discover digital marketing tricks and secrets to build and increase your success, navigate treacherous market terrains, and conquer hidden obstacles.

From 2023 Tech Setbacks to 2024 Talent Triumphs The year 2023 brought about a significant transformation in the realm of talent. The global stage was shadowed by highly visible tech layoffs, prompting a necessary recalibration in the talent landscape. In the face of challenges related to attracting talent to businesses this year, how did we effectively navigate them? How did we manage talent investment within our enterprises?

Explore the Full Agenda

The release of the FMLS:23 agenda has already generated excitement in the financial sector. Prospective attendees, industry professionals, experts, and all other individuals can explore the in-depth agenda by accessing the following link.