Kate Lowe

FX Connect collaborates with LoopFX

September 2023 in News Headlines

State Street Corporation has announced that FX Connect, part of the GlobalLink suite of e-trading platforms, technology and workflow solution that provide capabilities that simplify and automate the entire FX trading process, has entered into a collaboration with LoopFX, to make the LoopFX functionality available through FX Connect. “For more than 20 years, FX Connect has shown its willingness to adopt new approaches and work with distinctive new services we are confident will benefit our customers,” said Kate Lowe, head of GlobalLink FX for State Street. “LoopFX fits well with our philosophy and we look forward to begin seamlessly integrating the Loop FX platform into existing FX Connect workflows later this year.” 

LoopFX is creating a new liquidity venue for large spot FX trades by centralizing peer-to-peer matching with bank interest. This will enable traders to identify, in real-time, matches of large trades in excess of $10 million with other buyside institutions, while providing banks a new secure channel to show their market axes.