FX HedgePool – Science Fiction to Science Fact

March 2022 in Podcasts

e-Forex's Larry Levy speaks to Jay Moore, founder and CEO of FX HedgePool about product developments, state of the market and the company's rapid growth and acceptance in the largely institutional FX Swaps arena.

With global spot FX volumes fairly stable over the last three years, the less talked about multi trillion dollar part of the FX market, notably swaps, has technically  remained a little stuck in the previous millennium with bespoke market making being made between clients and individual banks still largely over voice line.

The ability of FX HedgePool’s fintech solution to match these potential deals electronically via a P2P solution has attracted the likes of major banks which include BofA, Toronto Dominion, BNP, SCB – amongst others. With potential cost savings of around 80 percent, FX HedgePool has clocked up over four trillion dollars in turnover since it opened it’s doors in early 2020, and the trend is accelerating. 

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“Revolution” in the FX Swaps Market?

Recorded June 2021

Larry Levy at e-Forex interviews Jay Moore, Founder and CEO of FX HedgePool. The company has experienced extraordinary growth, and has changed the way FX swaps are traded.

FX HedgePool unlocks vast potential for passive hedgers to provide liquidity to their peers, while banks optimize their balance sheets.

With a growing community of the world’s largest buy-side institutions, global and midsize banks, FX HedgePool has created a new source of secure, anonymous and consistent liquidity that eliminates pre-hedging risk for all.