Jay Moore

FX HedgePool unveils X•Bridge

May 2024 in News Headlines

FX HedgePool, a leading fintech innovator in the institutional forex market, has unveiled its second category-defining service. X•Bridge is a groundbreaking liquidity and workflow solution that transforms how buy-side firms access forex liquidity, unhindered by the traditional market constraints of credit and broker restrictions. Built on our proprietary credit model and technology, the service has been fine-tuned since the beginning of 2024 during an early access period involving five global institutions.

Solving the Liquidity Access Dilemma

Due to credit constraints, account allocation complexities, and limited bank relationships, buy-side firms face structural limitations in accessing desirable liquidity. X•Bridge solves these challenges by separating liquidity from credit – a feature pioneered for FX HedgePool’s flagship swaps matching service, X•Match – enabling buy-side firms to use existing bank relationships to sponsor credit into bank and non-bank liquidity sources.

Buy-side benefits

• Access bank and non-bank liquidity, including algos, fixing orders, and X•Match.

• Use existing bilateral credit lines to book and settle trades independent from liquidity sources.

• Defragment orders and deliver consistent execution, ensuring fair treatment across accounts.

• Use leading OMS platforms to access the benefits of X•Bridge.

Sell-side Benefits

• Receive account-level allocations for Voice and IB Chat trades at zero-brokerage cost.

• Bypass broker restrictions and distribute liquidity to the broadest range of clients.

• Deploy algos on a modern platform, reach new clients, and reduce brokerage costs.

• Improve financial returns by optimizing the counterparty mix.

“We are thrilled to introduce another game-changing solution in our pursuit of revolutionizing the

institutional FX landscape. By liberating liquidity from traditional constraints, we empower all market participants with equal opportunities to trade eZectively and competitively,” said Jay Moore, Cofounder and CEO. Emin Tatosian, Co-founder and CTO, added, “X•Bridge is the clearest expression yet of our pursuit to democratize liquidity provision in a true all-to-all market. By going live with the first version in just four weeks and rapidly adding new capabilities since, we have once again demonstrated our ability to innovate in weeks, not months and years.”