Alan Schwarz

FXSpotStream: What can we expect next from this unique and industry-leading multibank FX and Precious Metals streaming service?

May 2022 in Cover Interviews

FXSpotStream (FSS) was created in 2011 as a market utility to reduce the costs of trading FX as the electronification of the FX Market continued to accelerate. Its streaming clients pay nothing to access liquidity from up to 15 tier 1 Liquidity Providing (LPs) banks via a single API or GUI from sites in London, New York, and Tokyo. The success of its business model is evident from the record volumes that FSS has been supporting on its service over the past few years so we asked CEO, Alan Schwarz, to tell us more about how his award winning service has been evolving, what makes it so successful and what his plans are for the future.

FXSpotStream Monthly Volumes *Volumes in USD millions, single count, for all streaming and matching products Alan, 2021 was another record…

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