FYNXT partners with Centroid Solutions

July 2023 in News Headlines
Cristian Vlasceanu

A recent collaboration between FYNXT and Centroid Solutions represents a significant step forward in providing advanced technology solutions for Multi-Asset Brokers. The connection of Centroid’s capabilities into FYNXT’s Digital Front Office will empower brokers with the tools they need to efficiently manage their operations, enhance their trading capabilities, and ultimately drive their business success. Commenting on the partnership, FYNXT’s CEO, Aeby Samuel said, “We firmly believe that this collaboration will bring significant benefits to our existing and potential clients. In addition to our digital front office, brokerages require a real-time risk management system and a robust network infrastructure that can support high-frequency trading while maintaining low latency and unwavering stability.” Meanwhile Centroid Solutions CEO, Mr. Cristian Vlasceanu, commented: “While our clients are leveraging our expertise in building their low latency network infrastructure (through our Centroid Hosting solution) and connecting to multi-asset LPs and trading platforms (via our Centroid Bridge connectivity engine), they can now take advantage of this partnership to gain access to FYNXT’s powerful solution to effectively manage and enhance their customer experience. We are excited to be working closely with the FYNXT team to empower and bring additional benefits for our customers.”