GCEX launches new proprietary trading platforms

May 2023 in News Headlines

GCEX Group enables institutional clients to access deep liquidity in digital assets, digital assets as collateral and conversion as well as a broad range of FX brokerage and technology solutions. The firm recently released XplorDigital trading solutions, which now include two new best-in-class and intuitive trading platforms: XplorSpot and XplorTrader. We asked Lars Holst CEO of the company to tell us more about these platforms and how they will help brokers, fund managers, hedge funds and professional traders to operate more efficiently.

What type of firms will benefit from your new proprietary crypto-native platform XplorSpot and how has it been designed to meet their crypto-specific requirements?

Brokers, fund managers and professional traders serious about crypto spot trading will benefit from our proprietary crypto-native platform, as standalone or as part of Xplor Crypto-in-a-Box Solution. XplorSpot supercharges the on-ramp and off-ramp of digital assets. Designed on par with traditional finance, leverages decades of experience building cutting-edge technology. Highlights of this high-performance platform include built-in charts, a risk view, a real-time view of positions as and when you trade, and automations expected from a traditional finance platform – although more features are added every month. Focus has been on taking our clients’ trading experience to the next level, making XplorSpot easy to navigate, easy to use and easy to execute.

You have also enhanced your margin-based CFD and FX offering with the introduction of XplorTrader. Please tell us about some of the key improvements GCEX has made to this high-performance platform and the benefits it will deliver.

XplorTrader is a high-performance margin-based platform that also enhances the user experience with a more intuitive and easier-to-use platform. Users continue to monitor positions, place orders, maintain platform depth, detail and functionality while it allows users to build their own UI as part of our Xplor Broker-in-a-Box. Overall, it meets the requirements from an institutional trader, investing in margin-based products, with fast executions, advanced order types and real time risk management. Furthermore, we will continue to enhance the platform with additional features.

XplorSpot and XplorTrader form key components of GCEX’s XplorDigital trading solutions – ‘Crypto-in-a-Box’ and ‘Broker in-a-Box’ plug-and-play solutions. What wide range of services do these now offer?

Both turnkey solutions are extremely flexible and modular enabling the growth of our client’s own brand. Either access our liquidity offering or add your own liquidity sources, choose our trading and backoffice solutions or yours. They satisfy almost any user.

Xplor Broker-in-a-Box include everything to run your brokerage: interbank liquidity offering, monitoring trade data instantly, monitoring and managing aggregated liquidity in real-time, easy risk monitoring, APIs integration, best-in-class connectivity, hosting, allocation, analytics and backoffice solutions. Xplor Crypto-in-a-Box is perfect to run your own exchange accessing our global expertise in digital assets, regulated custody and staking solutions, and a technology-agnostic platform that covers tier 1 liquidity.

Why is adding a crypto-native platform to your technology offering so significant for GCEX and what can we expect to see next in the ongoing development of your institutional trading solutions?

Delivering XplorSpot demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the crypto space and confidence in our long-term strategy despite recent noise and volatility. GCEX is committed to investing where there are opportunities for growth which is why we have pursued a Virtual Asset Service Provider License for the MVP phase by VARA (Dubai). Future developments for institutional trading solutions cover continuing to enhance customer experience and journey, followed by adding more value to customers through technology partnerships across the industry – as recently done increasing our digital assets solutions with regulated custody and staking solutions – with more innovative collaborations coming soon in our pipeline.