Michael Idzkowski

Great teamwork in action: e-Forex speaks with Michael Idzkowski, Director of Sales at DMALINK®and DeFinity Markets

July 2023 in Cover Interviews

DMALINK is an independent electronic price discovery and execution venue for professional FX traders. It is part of a fast growing group that now includes DeFinity Markets which is a decentralised digital asset exchange, specialised to trade traditional and digital assets via smart contracts, with a focus on providing real-time settlement and clearing. Three years ago Michael Idzkowski joined the group as Director of Sales. His analytical background, track record in sales and ability to serve client types ranging from individual investors to Tier 1 institutions has strengthened the core competencies, relationships and transparency of both businesses. We spoke to him and some of his senior management colleagues at both DMALINK and DeFinity Markets to discover more about the exciting developments taking place with the business and how their combined teamwork is really starting to pay off.

Michael, what attracted you about DMALINK and encouraged you to join the firm? MI: The idea that got to me…

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