HSBC launches new FX analytics portal

September 2021 in News Headlines

HSBC has launched an interactive eRisk Analytics portal to empower clients to make execution parameter decisions pre-trade, and proactively monitor their FX algo performance in-flight.
The portal has been designed around the client’s needs for understanding increasingly complex and fragmented foreign exchange markets. It provides clients with a number of metrics including volatility, volume, market depth, spread and upcoming news events.

Clients can monitor how their algo is performing, both on an absolute level in terms of price and fill, but also against various industry standard execution benchmarks, all in real-time.  In addition, clients have the ability to drill down into the dynamics of the algo interaction with HSBC network of electronic liquidity. Commenting on the launch, Richard Bibbey, Global Head of Foreign Exchange at HSBC said: “We are excited to announce the launch of the eRisk Analytics portal within Evolve, HSBCs single dealer platform. This provides clients with an increased level of transparency around their execution needs.

“Our clients have guided us on their requirements for a dynamic interactive tool that will help frame their execution. Client collaboration remains at the forefront of our innovation strategy and will continue to help us navigate through the next stage of the digitalisation journey.” The eRisk Analytics portal provides a new dimension to HSBC’s award winning algo suite and has application to other Foreign Exchange solutions including both electronic and voice trading.

The portal provides clients with real-time and historical statistics on volumes and volatility to assess market conditions across deliverable, frontier and NDF currency pairs. As well as the ability to analyse markets ahead of execution, the portal allows clients to set their parameters, keep track of how the order is progressing and even amend the order whilst it’s in-flight. HSBC has adapted its technology to cover a breadth of requirements to make it accessible to all clients regardless of where they’re located or their chosen execution platform.