Peter Durkin

“I Love Technology”

August 2022 in Podcasts

"It's easy to get ninety percent of the way there. That last ten percent is the tricky stuff," chuckles Peter Durkan, a self avowed “nerd” - and Lucera's CEO.

Lucera is a “pure tech provider” – based in New York. Durkan speaks to Larry Levy about many fascinating aspects of Lucera’s current product line up – including Lucera’s Lume Markets package, their “ECN in a box” concept, buy vs build, and Lucera’s use of FPGA tech and it’s firewall on a chip concept.

With its global network spanning many key EQUINIX data centers worldwide, Lucera prides itself on their systems redundancy.  Peter talks about the progress of crypto currencies becoming more easily tradeable – as technology and institutional adoption help these markets evolve.

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