Ayal Jedeikin

Institutional trading ECN Cypator is launched

May 2023 in News Headlines

Cypator a crypto trading Electronic Communication Network has announced that it is live with multiple institutional participants utilizing the platform to trade crypto spot transactions. Cypator is also live with prime broker Hidden Road, which acts as a counterparty to all trades and facilitates both the credit risk and settlement of the transactions. With Cypator’s relationship with Hidden Road, the market has opened to indirect credit relationships enabling a much larger trading ecosystem.
“As an experienced team we looked at the crypto market and identified a gap in the trading liquidity infrastructure. We can now provide our clients with a counterparty who is willing to take on the risk and for a complementary trading solution which leverages that to enable all players to trade with each other in a seamless manner. With Hidden Road we found a best of breed prime broker who is focused on being a ‘true’ prime broker while we will focus on providing the best institutional grade trading solution,” said CEO and Founder Ayal Jedeikin.