e-Forex Magazine October 2020

e-Forex Magazine October 2020

Adapting to Working from Home
Making it more relevant and accessible
The growth of e-FX across Australia
How resilient was your provider?
What did we learn?
Where we are and where we need to be
GAVIN WHITE - CEO of Invast Global


How the right Client Portal can impact your brokerage

FX Brokerage Operations

There are thousands of investment firms registered globally, and more are popping up every day. With such a massive pool of brokers to choose from, your prospects are looking for the “best”. ...show more

FX Regtech adapts to WFH

Reg Tech

Mike Harriss, Head of Partnerships at TruNarrative, talks to e-Forex about working from home, the rise in digital onboarding, and how his firm is working with FX businesses to meet their needs....show more


Technology - Helping to change the face of FX research


With an average of $6.6 trillion of trades per day, Forex markets underpin many investments and all international capital flows....show more


Helping clients to competitively and efficiently access global markets

Platform Profile

Edgewater Markets is a leading technology-driven market leader in workflow management and execution services. We asked Matt Kassel, Chief Operating Officer of the company to tell us more about the firm and the unique platforms it operates...show more

Invast Global The emerging face of unique liquidity

e-Forex Interview

Multi asset Prime Brokerage Invast Global has merged many decades of experience in the Japanese domestic online broking industry with some of the sharpest institutional brokerage executives in the industry, to build a multi asset liquidity offering for online brokers which has won awards across the globe – and a growing legion of loyal clients....show more


Automation and Volatility: What did we learn?

Expert Opinion

I would argue that real money firms learn less about the efficiency of their workflows and the performance of their technology during quiet markets, when the overall cost of trading is low, than they do during stressed market conditions when volatility suddenly spikes...show more


E-FX accelerates Down Under

Regional eFX Perspective

Electronic FX trading in the Australian market had already migrated substantially to e-platforms. Covid 19 has boosted the trend, writes Richard Willsher....show more


Leverage caps - ASIC releases submissions to its Consultation Paper

Regional eFX Perspective

Quinn Perrott and Sophie Gerber report on how the industry has responded to the release by ASIC of Consultation Paper 322....show more


Unlocking the full potential of electronic FX Option platforms

Trading & Technology Clinic

By John Stead, Global Head of PreSales at smartTrade Technologies...show more


How Tools for Brokers has undergone a major business transformation in the middle of economic crisis and stayed profitable

Sponsored Statement

The history of Tools for Brokers (TFB) began 10 years ago when the world and the Forex market both looked very different compared to today. Back then, there was less competition, less regulation, and most definitely less understanding of the best way to move forward....show more


Crypto-Derivatives Market Evolution: Where we are, and where we need to be

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

The cryptocurrency derivatives market has as many specific attributes as the cryptocurrency spot market. Namely, they feature developed decentralisation, largely unregulated platforms and diverse instrument specifications...show more


CMC MARKETS - Talking with the magicians of liquidity

Provider Profile

CMC Markets institutional suite provides top class liquidity services across multiple asset classes. The company offers a flexible approach so that clients can connect to its liquidity by using either proprietary trading platforms, or via third-party technology. We talked to Richard Elston, Group Head of Institutional at the firm to tell us more....show more


FXPB meets Covid-19: How resilient was your trusted Prime Broker during the crisis?


Nicholas Pratt investigates how well Prime Brokerages have passed the tests and overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic....show more


...show more


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