e-Forex Magazine November 2020

e-Forex Magazine November 2020

A question of balance and compromise
Further growth and product development
Digital innovation goes from strength to strength
A new level of control
Helping brokers extract the full potential


The growing electronification of the NDF Market

Market Commentary

By Trent Beacroft, CEO of Euronext Markets Singapore...show more


Balance and compromise within the Best Execution process

Trading Operations

By Pete Eggleston, Co- Founder and Director of BestX...show more


Exploring the operational challenges facing buyside firms coming into scope under Phases 5 and 6 of the UMR

Regulatory Roundup

The first four phases of UMR have come into force in stages since 2016 and have affected banks. Many buy-side firms will now come into scope with Phases 5 and 6 of UMR, which are now delayed 12 months to September 2021 and September 2022, respectively. We asked Ankeet Dedhia, Americas Head of Product, ForexClear, LCH to comment about this....show more


The ultimate connector Why FX is such a good fit for IPC

e-Forex Interview

e-Forex spoke with Robert (Bob) A. Santella the Chief Executive Officer of IPC about the services IPC provides to the FX market and why it is ideally positioned to capitalize on how our market is likely to evolve over the next few years....show more

Trading FX On Exchanges Continued growth and product development

FX on Exchanges

Since its inception, the $6.6 trillion foreign exchange (FX) market has traded over-the-counter (OTC) between counterparties. While trading on exchange, like in equities and commodities, has been around for decades, the take-up in FX has been much slower......show more


Direct Market Access in exchange-traded FX derivatives

FX on Exchanges

In recent years, in a bid to capture liquidity away from the traditional OTC/bilateral markets, exchanges around the world have been heavily promoting a wide range of new and improved exchange-traded derivative (ETD) contracts for FX...show more


Emerging Market FX trading Digital innovation goes from strength to strength

Special Report

Trading in emerging market currencies is growing rapidly. Nicholas Pratt examines how the use of automation and innovation in digital technology will be critical in managing the operational risk and market volatility that comes with that....show more


In FX, regional banks look inward for growth – and create new opportunities for global institutions

Expert Opinion

Having shown their resilience in the early days of the pandemic, bank FX trading departments are turning their sights back towards the operational developments that will ultimately secure their long-term viability....show more


Making the most of your Market Data

FX Brokerage Operations

The past few decades have seen what can only be described as a revolution in data. A generation ago, businesses from every industry rushed to develop an online presence. More recently, building upon the exponential growth of the internet...show more


Arbitrage, HFT, Quant and other automatic trading strategies in FX

Automated FX Trading

The spot Forex market has grown significantly from the early 2000s due, in part, to the influx of algorithmic platforms. The rapid proliferation of information, as reflected in market prices, can present multiple arbitrage opportunities. ...show more