e-Forex Magazine December 2020

e-Forex Magazine December 2020

Unlocking new opportunities for FX brokers
Bringing institutional grade toolsets to a wider audience
Are Stablecoins the next frontier?
Helping to reduce the cost of FX execution and hedging for SMEs
Using data driven decisions
Turning a liability into an asset


Fintech helping to reduce the cost of FX execution and hedging for SMEs

Forex Technology

The process of transferring money between international bank accounts has changed immeasurably. Rewind a few decades to when businesses and consumers were forced to endure a costly and painful service with no alternatives to the banks and specialist money transfer companies that dominated the high street. ...show more


Sizing up your partners: Using data driven decisions to justify onboarding a new FX Liquidity Provider

Trading Operations

In FX, margins are tight – so tight, in fact, that there isn’t any margin for error. Financial institutions can easily and quickly go from being slightly profitable to slightly unprofitable and therefore understanding the decisions which impact these margins is crucial. ...show more

Equiti Group With Iskandar Najjar, CEO

e-Forex Interview

Transitioning from broker to world class fintech and online trading services provider...show more


Changing consumer behaviour pushes banks to rethink FX infrastructure

Expert Opinion

Digital transformation is happening across every sector, and banks in particular are beginning to recognize a digital framework that allows their services to be accessed from anywhere will be key going forward....show more


What is driving the Buy-Side demand for FX Futures?

Provider Profile

Joshua Hurley quizzes Chris Callander on the extent to which FX Futures can replicate the flexibility of an OTC market, the key drivers pushing buy-side firms towards these products and why there is growing demand for them regionally in Europe....show more


The state of stability: Are Stablecoins the next frontier?

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

By Henry C. W. Price with additions from Hugh Lawson-Tancred, GCEX Research and Advisory Board...show more


What do modern traders have in common with their medieval ancestors? Information overload!


We tend to believe that the issues that affect the day-to-day lives of traders and others who work in financial services are unique to our own time and place. In a world of skyscrapers and FinTechs......show more


Using AI to exploit the power of news to boost trading activities


When trading, navigating the news landscape of the financial markets can be likened to navigating the English Channel in a yacht. Traversing busy shipping lanes of fast moving traffic; timing your port departures and ......show more

Caveat emptor: As counterparties continue to champion technology, what really counts in the quest for great liquidity?

FX Brokerage Operations

Financial institutions making bold claims about how they offer ‘best in class’ technology, delivering ‘world beating functionality’ and providing ‘unparalleled usability’ are nothing new. An explosion of innovative fintech providers in the FX space have .......show more


Cloud-based business intelligence: Unlocking new opportunities for FX brokers

FX Brokerage Operations

Advanced data analytics are now available to brokers without them having to develop proprietary software, unlocking a new frontier for business growth, writes Andrew Ralich, Co-Founder and CEO, oneZero....show more


Harnessing the power of automation, AI and big data analytics: Bringing institutional grade toolsets to retail traders and investors

Retail FX trading

There was a time when the foreign exchange market was restricted to large banks, wealthy institutions and extraordinarily wealthy individuals. Not even 30 years ago, individual or retail investors faced......show more

Why Should You Actually Use an FX Trading Algorithm

Retail FX trading

Talk of trading algorithms that can be used by ordinary individuals has intensified in the past few years. But it’s worth noting that it’s no longer just talk....show more