e-Forex Magazine April 2021

e-Forex Magazine April 2021

Helping asset managers upgrade their eFX
Streamlining workflows
Can it transform the industry again?
Why FX needs to go beyond surveillance
Prime benefits become more apparent
Making the case for a new
generation of toolsets
COO of Tools For Brokers


Harnessing the power of more automation

Market Commentary

Automation post pandemic: Helping asset managers upgrade their eFX operations...show more


Streamlining workflows

Trading Operations

Creating a paradigm shift in post trade FX...show more


What is "To-Clear" Liquidity and how can it reduce your trading costs?

Liquidity Management

David Holcombe, Head of Product, FX Futures & FX Clearing at 360T explains that, far from being just an expensive post-trade add-on, central clearing actually represents a quantifiable economic opportunity for market participants....show more

Tools For Brokers With Albina Zhdanova, COO

e-Forex Interview

Talking with an expert to explore the role of software and automation in helping brokers through these challenging times...show more


FX Liquidity Aggregation

Special Report

Can it transform the industry again...show more


DIGITEC Talking with an e-FX specialist

Provider Profile

E-Forex spoke to Peer Joost to learn more about the next stage of the firm’s growth and how it plans to develop more best-in-class products and services for financial market participants. ...show more


Supervision Technology: Why FX needs to go beyond surveillance


As FX banks focus on ensuring their controls around regulations and voluntary codes are robust, Jena Axelrod, Director of Sales, Ideal Prediction, outlines why it is essential that the technology they rely on is suitable now and in the future....show more


Prime benefits become more apparent for Non-Banks in today’s trading environment

FX Brokerage Operations

With everything that has happened in the past 18 months – the COVID-19 pandemic, the mounting geopolitical tensions and the collapse of the oil market to name a few – it’s no surprise to see Non-Bank financial institutions (NBFIs) wanting more security when accessing credit as well as pricing and execution, writes Justin Boulton, Head of FX Prime Brokerage at FXCM. ...show more


Build vs buy - Key considerations when seeking best in class trading platform technology to satisfy your clients demands

FX Brokerage Operations

When heavyweight competitors have the ability to invest millions of dollars in their product offerings, the reality is that many smaller brokers who are limited to a generic trading platform or even a modest proprietary interface are likely to struggle to maintain client relationships in the long term. ...show more


Upgrading FX payments systems to reduce risk without causing disruption

Expert Opinion

It goes without saying, payments are fundamental to the financial ecosystem. Whenever banks or financial institutions interact with one and another, such as through transactions or trades, it results in one or more subsequent payments....show more