e-Forex Magazine May 2021

e-Forex Magazine May 2021

What does the future hold?
Squeezing juice out of dry oranges
Why demand for e-FX services continues to grow across the Middle East
How FX can benefit from the alchemy of new data technology
Helping to democratize access to the cryptocurrency markets
Nordea looks to engineer a digital FX product set for the future


FX Automation - what does the future hold?

Market Commentary

The current pandemic has accelerated the pace of automation in markets in general and in FX in particular and it’s reaching into almost every aspect of  trading activities. The most widespread pandemic effect was the move to working from home (WFH), which has become ubiquitous over the last year to the extent that it is almost the new normal­....show more


Squeezing juice out of dry oranges – RegTech & FX Transaction Reporting

Reg Tech

By Ron Finberg, Director EMEA Global Regulatory Reporting at IHS Markit...show more

Nordea Engineering a digital FX product set for the future

Provider Profile

Nordea has always been a pioneer in electronic trading, so e-Forex talked to Matti Honkanen, Head of Next Gen FX at the bank, to find out more about its FX digital product development and how it has been working to meet the needs of its clients in the twenty-first century....show more

Demand for e-FX services continues to grow across the Middle East

Regional eFX Perspective

Compared to other more established regions around the globe, electronic foreign exchange trading in the Middle East is still emerging. However, new technology and burgeoning business opportunities are quickly making it one of the hot new areas in FX. ...show more


Digital transformation of FX banking: Meeting the evolving needs of Corporate and Institutional clients

Expert Opinion

Over the past year, the pandemic has dramatically altered the way Multinationals, corporates, SMEs and institutional investors consider their foreign exchange exposure. With the return of volatility, they had to accelerate the pace at which they were implementing new ways of managing such exposure. ...show more

GCEX - Speaking to a firm with a unique service proposition

e-Forex Interview

GCEX, a part of the GC Group, was established in 2018 and is a pioneering digital brokerage, bridging the gap between traditional finance and digital assets, including STOs and Cryptocurrencies. Lars Holst, its founder and CEO, is well known across our industry, and we asked him to tell us more about his plans and ambitions for this fast-growing company....show more


Siege FX: Building fair transparent and trustworthy solutions that bring market participants together

Platform Profile

Siege FX is an innovative trading technology company which offers a unique Peer- to-Peer FX netting service. We spoke to Claude Goulet, CEO of the firm to discover more about how it removes market impact and facilitates resting order rebalancing without information leakage....show more


Transforming Big into Smart: How FX can benefit from the alchemy of new data technology

Market Data

To say data is critical to success in today’s FX market is a vast understatement, but for many banks, the ability to extract the true value of their data has remained beyond their grasp. Adoption of AI and machine learning to this end is now picking up pace amongst forward thinking participants – and firms that don’t adopt it will soon be at a significant competitive disadvantage....show more


White Label exchange technology: Helping to democratize access to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency markets

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

In 2020 cryptocurrency’s market cap grew over 400%. So far, 2021 is proving just as explosive.  At the time of writing, cryptocurrency is up 150% on the year, with its market cap hovering just above $2 trillion. For comparison, that’s higher than that of Google, Amazon and Microsoft....show more


How smart infrastructure can respond to market changes and build better relationships between brokers and clients

FX Brokerage Operations

Baseline requirements for broker connectivity are accelerating. It is no longer acceptable to have a static series of standard connections, and have those stay the same for years......show more


Machine Learning in FX trading: Beyond the hype and some useful algos

Traders Workshop

Thomas A. Papapolyzos and Stelios Choumas outline a simple algo and ML based tool that can be used by FX traders to improve performance...show more