e-Forex Magazine June 2021

e-Forex Magazine June 2021

Next-Gen Best Execution
Capital Optimization on the agenda
Regional perspective on Singapore
Progressive concentration of e-FX services
Emerging Market FX trading
Choosing the right partner and digital pathways
Removing the bottlenecks
Higher performance FX trading infrastructures
Industry Spotlight
Taking a closer look at the TORA and EBS partnership
Crypto CFDs
What most brokers got wrong
Co-Founder of Tickmill Group


Next-Gen Best Execution: Capital Optimization

Market Commentary

It is easy to think of best execution in simple terms, such as was best price hit. But in reality, the subject is much more complex and involves market impact, signalling risk, and of course benchmark. Those are all front office metrics, but true best execution takes in the total cost of the trade, meaning a look across the entire lifecycle. Nowhere is the cost of trading more critical than in the use of capital, especially in the age of Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR)....show more


Taking a closer look at the TORA & EBS partnership

e-FX Industry Report

e-Forex talks with Tom Mullooly, Head of US Sales at TORA...show more

Progressive concentration - The Singapore e-FX growth story continues

Regional eFX Perspective

The Singapore dollar has been one of the fastest growing emerging market currencies of the last 20 years. When the Bank for International Settlements first started tracking foreign exchange flows in 1989, the currency only traded roughly $2 billion in average daily volume....show more


The Siren FX 4pm benchmark

Provider Profile

Dr Jamie Walton, co-founder of Raidne the independent quantitative FX surveillance firm, spoke to e-Forex about its new Siren FX 4pm benchmark....show more

Tickmill - Building a brokerage to become a trusted market leader and innovator

e-Forex Interview

Tickmill Group is an award-winning, multi-regulated Forex and CFD provider offering first-class products with industry-leading trading conditions. e-Forex talked with Ingmar Mattus, Co-Founder & Executive Director at the firm to learn more about its services and plans for the future....show more


Improving client access to Emerging Market FX trading - Choosing the right partner and digital pathways

Special Report

Nicholas Pratt investigates how electronic FX platforms are evolving to cater for a broader universe of EM currencies and related instruments and transforming how clients access them....show more


TickTrade's AI and Analytics platform

Platform Profile

By Steve Joseph, Head of Product, AI and Analytics at TickTrade Systems...show more


What most brokers got wrong with their Crypto CFDs. The story so far...

FX Brokerage Operations

By Evgeny Sorokin, SVP of Software Engineering at Devexperts ...show more

Removing opportunity bottlenecks in high performance FX trading

Networks, Hosting and Connectivity

The past five years have been a time of great change in global markets.  The uncertainty of Brexit, and the geo-political shifts associated with the American Presidential race, the global pandemic, and the circumspection around Chinese markets, have all presented challenges that have catalysed emerging opportunities, as well as the technological advances necessary to take advantage of these. ...show more